I am Benny, a Dutch art director and creative designer, experienced in managing diverse, multinational teams. I am fluent in English, French, German, and Dutch. My background in multimedia design, art direction, and design education inform my approach and desire for efficient, clean, timeless design.

I am motivated by my passion for quality and informative communication and design. I believe my experience and insight can be the basis on which design can remain adaptable and contemporary as technologies and trends continue to transform. I believe that free, open communication is key to any successful endeavor.

My desire and determination to acquaint people with timeless design has led me to be the founder and art director of Oko! Magazine, an English bi-monthly glossy periodical based in Prague, Czech Republic.

In my free time, I like to study new languages and discover and explore the city in which I live with my pug Totoro who accompanies me on my quest to find the best white chocolate almond cakes in town.

I currently work freelance as an art director and designer and am always interested in taking on new challenges. Reach out to me by dropping a line at hello@benny-water.com.

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